Sunday, March 1, 2009

Colin Cole Joins Chris Canty on List of: "People Who Aren't Packers"

Sunday was not a very good day for the Packers, especially concerning the future of our defensive line. The first bit of news was that Colin Cole will no longer be a Packer, as he is making the move to Seattle. Cole signed a deal for five years, and can make up to $21 million, 6 million of which is guaranteed money. It looks like the Packers didn't offer nearly that many years or that much money, and ultimately I'm not surprised to see him go. Not happy about it, but not surprised.

The Packers were hoping to fill that void by signing former Cowboy defensive lineman Chris Canty. At times, it looked like the Packers had a pretty good shot at signing him, and that Thompson was pretty serious in his desire for the young man. But it wasn't to be, as Canty signed a six-year, $42 million deal with the Giants (I'm saying it right now, New York is going to pull a Boston and have multiple world champions this year, unfortunately).

Canty was thinking about meeting with the Packers, but the Giants made the offer first, and Canty took what was already on the table. He didn't even want to listen to what the Packers had to say, as the Packers didn't want to offer anything without meeting with him first. Not too much of a request on Thompson's part, but Canty took what was in front of him instead of what was in the box. 

So far it looks to be another uneventful offseason for the Packers, which I'm sure has the Thompson haters fired up right now. I still love you, Ted.


Winks said...

Our first day having a post on all five teams we exclusively cover! (No Wave post, that would be too much).

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