Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hodge Podge Brewers Post

Our Ongoing Discussion Involving Morry Gash: No new Brewers pictures over the weekend from the Associated Press, at least not any that I could find. This makes me assume that our beloved photographer Morry Gash took the weekend off, and is enjoying life down in Arizona. Good for him. This week, it may have seemed like I've been critical of Morry, but that could not be further from the truth. Bear and I have the utmost respect for what that guy can do behind the lens, and are thankful for his commitment to photographing Wisconsin sports, including the picture of Ken Macha you see above.

Saturday - Brewers 5, Angels 3: Braun plays seven innings and gets two hits with one RBI. Fielder and Hardy each have two hits as well. With Looper scratched, the hill is occupied by relievers, including a start from Eduardo Morlan. Here are the rest of the things that happened. Braun gets our Player of the Game.

Sunday - Giants 5, Brewers 2: Dave Bush pitches two innings and allows no hits, he'll earn the first Player of the Game award for the pitching staff this season.Villanueva, Stetter, and Aguilar all put up zeros to start the game as well, until the back-end of the bullpen collapses. Hardy goes 1 for 3, with 2 RBI. Etc...

Braun Leaves: After the Saturday game, it was bye-bye for Ryan Braun. The leftfielder is just one of four outfielders on the roster for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic, so expect him to have a busy spring. First game for the US is this Saturday against Canada. I've added a capsule for the World Baseball Classic on the sidebar.

Looper Scratched: Looper's Brewers debut was put on hold Saturday, when he injured his back during pregame warmups. Appears to be a very minor injury, but you never know. My guess? A crafty move by a veteran who doesn't really feel like working too hard while in Arizona.

Gwynn at DH: So Gwynn's back in the lineup, but I could care less. Like Bear, I've grown increasingly frustrated with a guy who doesn't even have enough power to hit a home run on a softball field. Gwynn is proving that the world "potential" means nothing more than "hey, his dad was good." Let's trade him to the Padres already and move on from this failed experiment.

Grandpa and Grandma: The Brewers are taking on the Australian National team on Thursday, and the Cubs on Saturday. If you go to either one of these games, say hi to my grandparents for me! Love you guys! 


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