Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not a Very Enjoyable Night

Someday, the teams we root for are going to actually be good, and we will wonder how we ever sat through nights like this Wednesday. However, I fear that day is a long way away, so until then we're subject to nights where the Bucks, Golden Eagles, and Badgers all lose. 

The Bucks loss was probably the easiest to predict, as they never seen to play well against the Cavs. They most certainly did not play well on Wednesday, either, falling to The Cleve 91-73. Richard Jefferson will get the Player of the Game honors, as he shot 50 percent scoring 29 points. Villanueva had a rare off-night, only putting up nine points. Nothing really exciting to talk about as far as this game is concerned. We knew this one was over when we saw Damon Jones getting first-quarter minutes.

The Marquette loss was a little more surprising, if only because of how well they were playing against Pittsburgh for most of the game. Unfortunately, the end of the game is when they played poorly, and that resulted in a 90-75 loss to the Panthers. I mean, Marquette opened the second half with a 21-5 run, but Pitt was still able to come back and made the final score look ugly. Not many teams can do that, but that just shows you how tough of a conference the Big East is, and how badly MU would have needed Dom James to make a run. I really hope the seedings don't take his injury into account, because Marquette is still having one hell of a season. Jerel McNeal was the leading scorer with 23.

As for the Badgers, well that was just upsetting. Not only did they completely blow it, but they blew it to a team I hate on their home floor, ala the Northwestern game a few weeks back. No matter how you try to sugarcoat it, there is nothing good about a 51-46 loss to Minnesota. As my good friend Bear says, this is one of the most frustrating Badgers teams he's watched over the years, and I have to agree. Especially when Trevon Hughes decided he'd rather watch the last five seconds of the game from the stands than create an opportunity for the last shot. I guess it wasn't entirely his fault, but I guess you could say it was a fitting end to this blown opportunity.

Oh, what a night.


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