Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Five Things Not Worthy of Their Own Post

There's plenty of stuff going on in the blogosphere - some noteworthy, some minor, some just flat out stupid. They are all worth mentioning, although because I can't really come up with more than one thing to say about any of these stories, they aren't getting their own post. So basically, here's a bunch of links:

* First off, you may have heard by now that Charlie Villanueva used Twitter during halftime against the Celtics on Sunday, and it's apparently a huge deal. Guess what? Twitter sucks so much, it's a stupid trend that is pointless and stupid and doesn't contribute anything beneficial to society and is a waste of time and will fade out within six months and is not worth the trouble to either update or check out people's Twitters. How people are making money off of something so stupid blows my brains and now I must move on before I quit doing The Bucky Channel right this very moment, that is how much I hate Twitter.

* Former Packer George Koonce has been named the new AD at UW-Milwaukee. Koonce is living a pretty sweet live in Brew City right now, mainly because he lives in one of the best apartment complexes Milwaukee has to offer. Maybe I'll see him this weekend.

* The Rams won't be coming back to Mequon for their training camp. There goes any hope of the Cheese League returning.

* Brewers Rule 5 pick Eduardo Morlan won't make the team. Called it.

* Speaking of the Crew, Trevor Hoffman has a strained oblique. He'll be fine.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


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