Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It Is Still Spring Training Right? Whew.....

Milwaukee once again couldn't muster a solid performance as they dropped the unofficial bout 6-2 against the White Sox. The best part about this game is probably that it wasn't on TV, and I definitely didn't have to listen to the worst homer announcers in Baseball, Ken "Hawk" Harrelson and Steve Stone 234x more angst against "Hawk" than stone.

Dave Bush started the game and pitched a solid 4 innings while giving up 2 hits on no runs and 2 strikeouts. Then things got hazy as Riske gave up a home run, and it became an all out crap fest as Jorge Julio and Chase Wright gave up 5 runs in to innings. I would truly be surprised to see Julio make it a Brewer over the entire season. Even though he did get 2 strikeouts in on inning, he managed to give up 3 runs on 5 hits.

The offensive side didn't get much better, Rickie Weeks was 1-3 but then was caught stealing and picked off on the base path's today. Seriously, I've stood by this guy for so long, I always think he is going to break out. I think this is the final year I fully support him, typically I do a pretty good job with who I think will pan out and that's why I'm so stubborn with him. Rickie, one more year, consider this your notice..... because I'm sure that not only do you read the Bucky Channel but find it extremely important to keep us here happy.

It seems like kicks just keep getting harder find.

Casey McGehee just keeps hitting, he was 3-3 today. Give him TBC player of the game.
Milwaukee gets San Diego tomorrow at 3:05 pm.

(AP Photo By Chris Carlson)


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