Monday, March 30, 2009

Buy Your Preseason Tickets Now!

The dates have yet to be finalized, but the opponents on the Packers preseason schedule have been released. Hopefully the following is enough to tide us over before the actual NFL schedule is released, but something tells me you won't be watching any of these games unless you have free tickets or the Brewers are out of contention. (Actually, the first preseason game of each year I always get really excited for, but that dies quicker than my XFL party did eight years ago.)

Without further ado, here is the sked, along with the predicted storyline for each week:

Aug. 13-17 - vs. Cleveland Browns (Midwest Shrine Game) 

After being on the fence about whether to accept a gig with Eric Mangini and the Cleveland Browns, Brett Favre agrees to mentor the quarterbacks after learning the Browns will head to Green Bay this season. Favre's sole reason for coming back will be to create another drama-filled week of Rachel Nichols following him around in GB. Seriously, we may never escape this Favre drama.

Aug. 20-24 - vs. Buffalo Bills (Bishop Charities Game)

Something Terrell Owens related, lame.

Aug. 27-31 - at Arizona Cardinals

How do the Packers match-up against the defending NFC Champions, even though I don't think too many people are going to predict the Cardinals to even make the playoffs again next season. I think the Nines win that division, personally. Also, the Packers play at Arizona during the regular season, and because of this game, I'm guessing they probably won't make the Pack travel back there until late November or December. Let's starting booking flights now, people!

Sept. 3-4 - at Tenessee Titans

The Packers and Titans face off in preseason for the 103rd consecutive straight year. Why do they keep doing this?

All the games are going to be broadcast locally, which means four games of Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon, which is fine with me. I'll let you know when the dates are finalized. Although if Favre does take a role with the Browns, and comes to Lambeau that week, you can bet your bottom dollar that some station will pick up that game. 


Jonk said...

The Packers and Titans face off in preseason for the 103rd consecutive straight year. Why do they keep doing this?

I could be wrong, but my guess:
Titans executive VP/general manager Mike Reinfeldt is from Baraboo, he's a UW-Milwaukee graduate, he was Ted Thompson's teammate with the Oilers, and he's a fellow Ron Wolf guy.

Anonymous said...

Winks, Cleveland or Pittsburg? I can't wait.

mb said...

i'd have to agree with your assessment of the 2009 nfc west

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