Monday, March 30, 2009

McNeal a 2nd Team All-American

Is Jerel McNeal one of the top ten basketball players in the country? The Associated Press seems to think so, and I can't say that I disagree. McNeal was named to the second-team All-American team by the AP, the highest honor for a Marquette baller since Dwayne Wade was named to the first team in 2003. It's a nice honor for McNeal, especially as he sets toward the NBA Draft.

Since Wade in '03, two other Golden Eagles have been named as All-Americans: Travis Diener (obligatory Fondy mention) in 2005 and Dominic James in 2007. McNeal has been in contact recently with Diener as well as Steve Novak, gaining insight on how to look for an agent and prepare for the NBA Draft.

I think we can officially let the "McNeal to Bucks?" rumors start here on The Bucky Channel, just as the "Wade to Bucks?", "Diener to Bucks?", and "Novak to Bucks?" rumors came before us, and the "James to Bucks?" and "Matthews to Bucks?" will likely follow. It would always be nice to see a Marquette alum keep playing ball at the Bradley Center, but if I know John Hammond, he would pass over McNeal for some lanky white guy that has potential that he will never live up too. Just a hunch.

Click here for the rest of the AP selections.


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