Friday, March 13, 2009

Badgers Fall Into Old Habits

To be honest, I didn't see this coming. I guessed the Badgers would handle their business at least until they met up with Michigan State. Well I thought wrong. You know what? I was glad I couldn't watch the game. I really didn't need to see Wisconsin blow another late lead. Apparently they were up 54-47 with 6 minutes left and then went field goal-less the rest of the game, where Ohio State ended up winning 61-57. It is so obvious that this team lacks a go to guy leader at the end of the game, it almost as if they have the lead and once the game gets to around the 5 minute mark the team goes into "Oh No, we have a lead....Hopefully somebody steps up and we don't blow it" mode. Which as everyone knows leads to loss just about every time you think that way no matter the sport.

Here's the ESPN recap.

Trevon Hughes led the way with 15 points and Jason Bohannon was basically broke shooting 4-13.

Here is my biggest problem with this loss. There has been a lot of talk of the Big Ten getting 8 teams in. I thought while that is high it could happen. But it is just as realistic at this point that the Big Ten gets 6 or maybe even 5. I think the committee would love to prove the Big Ten is a bit over-hyped this year. If that is the case, who do you kick out. Most likely if Penn St. loses they are not getting in. Indiana, Northwestern and Iowa are all out at this point. That leaves a battle between who sneaks in between Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. 2 teams get in out of these three. Wisconsin has swept Michigan, but gotten swept by Minnesota. And Minnesota was swept by Michigan. I think due to strength of schedule Wisconsin and Minnesota move on. And that is if Michigan loses to Illinois. If Penn St. and Michigan win this becomes even more muddled.

It would not surprise me if Wisconsin was that "How did they get snubbed" team though. 6 game losing streak, extremely inconsistent play, no real impressive wins. Sure they played an elite schedule but what does it matter when you don't win a few games where you are the underdog. Also it isn't like Wisconsin has the greatest NCAA tourney track record. Other than the final four year, which oddly enough seems semi-sorta like this years' squad, Wisconsin has been routinely bounced by lower seeds, Davidson and Fresno St. being recent teams. When you read all of that and the fact that they compiled a mediocre 19-12 record, you've built a believable case for a reason why Wisco could be sitting at home come next weekend. Do I believe this will happen? Absolutely not, but it wouldn't completely surprise me. I still feel Wisconsin gets in, although I do see them as an 11 seed now.

I guess we find out their fate much like Marquette's on Sunday.

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