Monday, March 16, 2009

My List Sucks

Last week I was asked to write a setlist for if I fronted a cover band. The task was to come up with 18 songs followed by 3 encore performances. The general consensus: My List Sucks. The main argument against my list is that I included a Coldplay song, but whatever. A few other blogs you may know participated as well, but my setlist isn't as 311 as theirs, so maybe that was the problem. My goal was just to throw my emo/indie/college rock tastes aside for one moment, and come up with a truly enjoyable show for everyone. Anyway, here is the setlist (mine is the second one).

I wrote that up last week, and if I had to do again, I might include this favorite from The Soundtrack Channel, which as Bear says, is the only good thing to come out of the movie Blades of Glory. And Bo Bice, for that matter.


TZar said...

No Toto, Africa?

Winks said...

Wouldn't want to taint a VaCo classic.

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