Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Hodge-Podge Brewers Post

Brewers 8, Rockies 6: Yovani Gallardo was the star for the Brewers in their game on Tuesday, as he threw three innings, giving up just one hit and striking out five. I have no doubt that he'll be the starter on Opening Day, no matter what Macha is trying to tell us. Chase Wright picked up the victory, while MeGehee, Nixon, Duffy, and Rivera all homered. Each and every day I'm more convinced Duffy is going to make the Opening Day roster. Here's the story in numbers, Gallardo gets a tally in the sidebar.

Padres 4, Brewers 3: Would you be surprised if I told you that Suppan got rocked in this one? No, you wouldn't. Well maybe not rocked, but it wasn't a good outing, as he gave up three runs in three innings. Mr. March, Corey Hart, hit another home run and had three hits, so he'll get the Player of the Game Award. Steps and Numbers.

Injuries Aplenty: The yearly barrage of injuries has come a bit early this season, as three Brewers are currently struggling to stay healthy. The most significant of these Brewers is Braden Looper, who may have to start the season on the DL because of a muscle strain. If he's not ready to go to start the season, I think the Brewers would probably just go with the four-man rotation instead of spot starting Seth McClung. Also hurting are Eric Gagne and Tony Gwynn Jr., and both of their injuries could end up costing them a roster spot on Opening Day (although Gwynn's suckiness is probably a bigger factor than his injury would be).

Finding a Spot For Nelson: SportsBubbler.com's Dan Walsh loves Brad Nelson, and so do the Brewers. In an effort to find him a spot on the roster, Nelson is getting a lot more time in the outfield, rather than at first base. I really think the fourth outfielder spot is going to come down to him and Duffy, because we all know Gwynn isn't going to be productive any time soon.

Braun Goes Late-Night: Already miss Ryan Braun? You'll get a chance to see him on Thursday night when he'll appear on The Late Show with David Letterman. Braun will take part in that night's Top Ten list: "Top Ten Reasons to Watch the World Baseball Classic." I can already picture in my head how badly he'll read off the cue card with that little grin of his, but I'm still excited to see it.

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Anonymous said...

Looper will probably miss 12 days or so & then have 3 weeks left before Opening Day. So he might miss two starts in April. Three at worst.

Brad Nelson in the OF is weird but in a cool way. He's got a better bat than Duffy but I'd imagine Duffy has more range in the OF. I think either way we're in pretty good shape at this position, though Kapler will truly be missed!

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