Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where Was The Bucks Post Last Night?

If any of you loyal Bucky Channel readers out there were wondering where the Bucks recap was today (and judging my Google Analytics, there weren't many of you), we're genuinely sorry. Usually when a recap doesn't get posted, it's for a few reasons - we're drunk, we're hungover, or Bear forgets. But sometimes there are games so heartbreaking, those games where the Bucks just completely blow it, that we'd rather just forget about it and move on. Last night's 99-95 loss to the Nets was one of those games. In fact, this was the exchange between Bear and I after the game last night

Winks: "Have fun writing about this one."
Bear: "Oh God, I know."
Winks: "I would just put up a picture and then put something like 'Gay'."
Bear: "Screw it, let's watch Soundtrack Channel."

After that, it was sort of an unwritten rule that there would be no post today. But there will be a recap after the game tonight, although as of now (it's 53-41 Cavs in the 3rd), it doesn't look like it's going to be a pretty one. 



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