Monday, February 4, 2008

NFL Thinks Packers Won't Reach Super Bowl

That's gotta be the reason NBC and the league will unveil this as the new logo for Super Bowl XLIII:
I mean, that doesn't go well with the Packers jerseys at all, as they would be wearing their home green jersey. Here's how it would contrast on Packer Green (I tried my best):

You fail your kindergarten art class if you turn in something like this. The blue letters don't show up at all. So, let's say we go with the logo, but keep some white backgroud around it:

Eh. Unless they chose to wear their white jerseys....

Anyways, that's your "I've already jinxed the Packers" post of the day!


Chris said...

Way to jinx the Pack, Ass! I would agree and fail you in art class. I would also believe that the patch would be outlined in white so that there would not be blue on green.
P.S. you suck at MS Paint.

Anonymous said...

wow you are bad at ms paint

Anonymous said...

haha I liked it

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