Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rockets at Bucks Live Blog (Last 3 minutes of 4th quarter)

9:34 - I forgot to start a new thread after the 3rd quarter! Rookie mistake.

9:35 - So the 3rd quarter thread has that quarter and most of the 4th.

9:35 - Bogut and McGrady are stealing the show.

9:35 - Next Saturday is Bogut bobblehead night, I am going to that game. Who's with me?

9:37 - Bucks were hanging around, Rockets now with a 9 point lead.

9:37 - Bucks need a leader that will get them out of these situations. Maybe that can be Bogut?

9:37- I really think we need to deal Redd at the deadline.

9:40 - Bucks down 10 with a minute to go. And by 10, I mean 13.

9:40 - At least there's a Packer game to look forward to tomorrow.

9:41 - Simmons a 3. Down 10. Nice shot anyways.

9:42 - The bench was basically guarding Simmons from the baseline, how that can be allowed?

9:42 - Another 3. Down 8.

9:43 - Yi is 1 for 10 from the field.

9:44 - Another 3 for Bobby!

9:44 - Except the Bucks are down 6 with 9 seconds to play.

9:45 - Disappointing night for Yi and the Bucks.

9:46 - Bucks lose 91-83. Thanks for reading..... me.


Anonymous said...

that was bullshit dikembe and scola were all up in bobbys face. should have been three t's and the game. crawford and co. let this one get way physical, too, and i dont know why yi gets fouled every time he goes up and never gets the calls. or why he was 1-10 tonight.

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