Friday, February 8, 2008

Your Friday Pro Bowl Update

Alright, I get it. The Pro Bowl sucks. A lot of stars skip out on it. Everyone is more worried about getting hurt than making a play. It's boring. But I don't care, I like it.

I guess I just like all-star games. I like the showiness of it. The MLB All-Star game is cool, because "it counts". The NBA All-Star game always give you a good final five minutes, and about sixty attempts of guys trying to pass it off the backboard for a dunk. The NHL All-Star Game... well that might actually get cancelled. But I dont see what's so wrong about liking the Pro Bowl.

Yeah it's for show, and the game means nothing, but I like it that way. Think about it, it's going to be another seven months before we see another NFL game of any kind. Why not spend one final Sunday watching the NFL before the likes of Arena Football, NASCAR, and the WNBA take over for the spring and summer months.

And for the guys that do make the team, whether as starters, reserves, or alternates, it's a honor. For the good people of Hawaii, it's the chance to see some of the biggest stars in the game that they would normally never get the chance to see. It's way for the best of the best to meet each other, and maybe persuade a free agent or two to join their team.

Plus, we're only two days away from Mike McCarthy in an Hawaiian shirt!

(As for updates... there really are none, unless the Joe Philbin and/or Al Harris diaries interest you.)


Anonymous said...

ill be there with ya during the pro bowl live blog! Get Pumped!

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