Monday, February 4, 2008

Early NL Central Predictions Boast Brewers

Scouring the web for the latest Brewer news, I found that Yahoo! Rumors has a report from the Boston Globe giving the Brewers the early season nod in the NL Central this year. Here is the piece giving several league tidbits. In the column the Boston Globe states that the Brewers are likely to win the NL Central due to their pitching depth. It also quotes Doug Melvin as open for trades before and during the season barring injuries.

I am all for keeping the trade door open. While having a glut of pitching both in the rotation and bullpen is mostly a good problem to have, it would be wise to send some pitching in a deal that could be of immediate help. Lets face it the window of opportunity is only so big with a small market team, and having eight prospective starting pitchers isn't necessary. 'Winning now' is an attitude that really has to be taken with this team, so any trade that would involve any pitcher, save Gallardo, and help this season has to be taken seriously. Anything less than a playoff spot this year really is unacceptable. The young guys are up and a minuscule payroll is no longer an excuse as we are in the $70 million range ranking in the middle of the MLB. For the first time in my generation we are not saying just wait til our prospects are up or just wait until they mature. They are here and it is our year.


Chris said...

Oh how baseball can't get here soon enough. Not that I am complaining but I think that it is too early to call the NL Central the Brewers. In the past the NL Central has been tough. The Cards are perennially a tough team, the Cubs always seem to have some fight in them, and the Reds, well, I guess we'll see, and the Pirates, yeah about them. And with the pending Brewer position changes who knows. I love my Brewers and when baseball starts I will be ecstatic. Opening Day 56 days away.

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