Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Game You Should Be Watching Tonight

No, it's not Duke / North Carolina (although you should probably watch that too), but rather one of the fastest growing rivarlies in all of sports... USA vs. Mexico! And it's soccer! I know the majority of people in American disregard soccer, and that's fine, but at The Bucky Channel, we embrace all sports. For you that are soccer fans, you probably already know the U.S. has a nine game home unbeated streak against our neighbors to the south, and hope to keep that going tonight in Houston. And I'm sure the majority of the readers of this blog were at my house for the big 2-0 victory over Mexico in the World Cup six years ago as well.

It may not get the attention a New York / Boston rivarly would, but if you're still on the fence about soccer, I'd suggest checking out this game. It's technically a "friendly", but it will be anything but.

Oh yeah, the game is at 8pm, on ESPN2.


Anonymous said...

The Bucky Channel has just taken a step down on my list...I am shaking my head in disgust.

Chris said...

agreed! I am also shaking my head in disgust while cleaning the vomit off my shirt.

Anonymous said...

haha im watching last years replay on ESPN Classic as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Winks is not thinking should be the new name.

Unknown said...

If you can't appreciate the athleticism of soccer...then you wouldn't know sports if it peed on your shoe. (Metaphorically speaking of course...sports can't pee on shoes.)

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