Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Your Tuesday Pro Bowl Update

Believe it or not, I've was scouring the web yesterday looking for some sort of Pro Bowl update, on either the game or the Packers coaching staff taking the trip. Hype for the Super Bowl spans two weeks, you think they could give us at least one for the Pro Bowl!

I know, everyone hates the Pro Bowl. A lot of starts skip due to "injury", or even embarrassment. And it's a week after the season is over, when interest is already focused on other sports. But c'mon! We've had a couple of exciting contests throughout the last few years.

How about last year, when Nate Kaeding kicked the game winning field goal for the AFC as the clock expired? Or in '06, when the NFC won a 23-17 nail-biter? Or the 2004 55-52 shootout where Marc Bulger had 4 TD's? (And Ahman Green scored on a 2-pt conversion!)

This year should add extra intrigue for Packer fans, because it's another chance to see McCarthy, Sanders, and Philbin roam the sidelines. (The NFC won the game 20-13 when Mike Holmgren guided the team in 1996.) And even though we probably don't have as many representatives as we should (you could make cases for Jennings and Woodson, we'll still have four guys donning a Packer helmet in the game.

Of course, we all knew Favre wouldn't make the trip, even though he was voted the starting QB for the NFC. But we still have Al Harris and Aaron Kampman starting. And expect big second half performances out of Donald Driver and Chad Clifton.

I may be the only person in America (well, minus Hawaii) that hasn't missed a Pro Bowl in the last 10 years. This year it's February 10th at 3:30pm, on FOX. So join me won't you and let's send the 2007 NFL season off in style!

(And yes, these updates are advertisements for my Pro Bowl live blog this Sunday!)


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