Saturday, March 1, 2008

Double Heartbreak at the Bradley Center

There had to be a lot of sad fans at Gametime today. First, a Marquette loss, and then a heartbreaking Bucks loss tonight. The Bucks were playing well against the Spurs for most of the game, and were actually hampered when Mo Williams was ejected in the 3rd Quarter. From there, the Bucks did the best they could, but fell short when Michael Redd missed a free throw in the waning seconds of the game, and then Andrew Bogut come up short on a last second putback. The Bucks fell tonight to the Spurs 96-94.

The Bucks are probably going to look a little different next year. Larry Harris is probably gone (Bill Simmons?), and I'm sure a deal or two will be made, not to mention a new draft pick. And while their playoff chances for this year are slim, it's still encouraging to see them battle tough against the defending NBA Champions.


Anonymous said...

"were actually hampered when Mo Williams was ejected in the 3rd Quarter"

is the use of the word "actually" implying that the bucks are typically better without mo? royal ivey and charlie bell playing extended minutes in the backcourt begs to differ.

Winks said...

I have to agree with you Mo is better than the alternatives. I just don't think he is that good, and was surprised by how much the lowly Bucks depend on him.

Anonymous said...

mo is good. maybe hes a punk to his teammates as rumored, but hes a good player.

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