Thursday, March 6, 2008

Review: Gauntlet III(RW/RR Sea.15/Eps.7)

Shorter review this week people, this semi-season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge is disappointing to say the least. This week the Veteran and Rookie squads split mission action, with the Vets winning the guys gauntlet mission and the Rookies winning the girls gauntlet mission due two CT throwing it. This brings the over all total 10-3 in favor of the Vets, leaving 6 Rookies and 12 Veterans.

Ryan was knocked out by Nehemiah, in a contest that was way, way, way closer than it should have been. I'm not really sure if Nehemiah was just not trying hard or if he really is a bigger pussy than acts like. Coral finding out that there was an alliance between basically all the guys and Ev to throw the girls mission and get rid of Katie, herself and possibly Robin, decided to quit before the gauntlet and forced the Veterans to throw in Casey. Of course Casey was destroyed by Ev. And truthfully, I'm not really sad to see her go. Casey seems loud and annoying, and after her appearance on the Challenge Fresh Meat edition, I never understood why they brought her back. Oh yeah, now I remember because shes a good looking blond who got breast implants. (BTW, are those gone now??? I mean after the Fresh Meat season, you could tell she got them with the money she won basically thanks to Wes. But this season I can't tell. My two loyal readers either of you notice this?) Anyways there should have been more of Casey running around naked, and less of her talking. Everyone of her confessional type comments left me thinking, "Shut up and get naked or go home."

My take on the Coral situation is this: I get what she was doing. Strategically, after she made the decision to screw over her team, what she did should have caused the most damage. That was smart on her part. Knowing that the Rookies were going to send in Ev and protect Katie, she figured the Vets would tear themselves apart deciding who to throw in. Casey volunteered which actually seemed to galvanize the team somewhat, at least for the immediate future. No way Coral saw that happening. While I think it was a weak maneuver for someone who runs her mouth as much as Coral does, I don't really fault her for what she did. The team was trying to screw her over so in turn she screwed them over, sort of. She would have really thrown a wrench in the plans if she would have just went into the gauntlet and hoped to get sliders or get lucky and win. Knocking Ev out would have been a big loss for the Vets. Now they not only lost Coral, (who they wanted out) they got rid of Casey too, who I don't think is very good anyway. So maybe it even helped the Vets.

After hearing some of your comments, Jon and Travis, you guys are right. It seems as if they have two days of missions and then a day of rest. Travis made the point that there seems to be a party night every so often, and then the next night everyone appears sober when they do there "We have a clue" skits. So instead of 2 weeks, they probably have been there about 3 now. My original point still holds water though.

Time for things I think I could take my buddy Travis in. Looking at the Ram It Home gauntlet, I feel like again it is favored for bigger guys. This one would definitely tire me out more than Ankle Breakers, but after awhile I would win, plus with my height I feel like I could actually kneel and hold my ground while saving energy. Plus Travis has a bum shoulder from trying to tackle me in a full out sprint, ouch. Bear 2, Travis 0.


Anonymous said...

Intresting review
If I faced you in Ram It Home I would crush you =)


Anonymous said...

I thought Casey was the one who got implants...but you are right, couldn't tell by the lack of breasts this season. Interesting. Guess I will have to search online to see if there is an explanation, but yes she is still hot.

I think what Coral did was AWESOME. CT is a D-Bag...that was by far the worst acting of throwing a mission. I still don't know why they want to get rid of Coral, she is a tough competitor. The Vets keep saying how the Rookies just need to go home, they have no chance, the producers need them to bring in tougher competition, but yet they freak out that the Rookies might beat them in the end. They shouldn't worry about numbers and "cutting the fat"...they are gonna run away with the money at the end.

Good blog Bear. Keep it up.

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