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Review: Gauntlet III (RR/RW sea. 15/ Eps. 3)

(*****Contains spoilers!!! If you dont care read on, if you do or don't know how the show works, watch an episode. Its not rocket science*****)

Finally what you've all (Coyne and Jon) been waiting for, The Gauntlet III review. Episode 3 kicked off with the Rookies team 0-3 versus the Vetrans. So far from the Rookies team Alex was eliminated by Nehemiah, Angel was eliminated by Jillian, and Tyler was eliminated by Frank. Early indications are that this Rookies team sucks. But at the same time the players that have been eliminated have been fairly weak, with the only acception maybe being Angel. Alex looked lost and basically like he didn't even care to be there, and Tyler was more worried about making out with dudes and acting like a drama queen. Going into episode 3 you had to think the Rookies would win one of these challanges (or MTV would throw a ridiculously unfair game at the Vetrans to even up the teams a bit, while simultaniously creating drama.)

Right away this episode revs up the ridiculous plot line of Brooke acting as a pseudo-lesbian hanging out with Ev. It must be a girls Gauntlet day. Seriously, MTV should just knock this kind of plot line off. Brooke must have taken her meds because she seems relatively stable, other than the whole faking a lesbian thing. Well with this set up you know this episode is going to feature Brooke turning into the Incredible Hulk or getting sent into the Gauntlet or most likely both.

The challange in the first part of this episode was to have a couple runners throw on clothes, jump into the ocean, soak up water, run back to the team where they take off those clothes and put them on a clothes line. Then the teams pull them down to other side of the line where they would wring out the water into a bucket and fill it up to a designated line, put the dry clothes on the line, send them back to the runners. I fully expected TJ Lavin to morph into Marc Summers and then have him say GO! while pressing play on a stereo blasting the theme from Double Dare.
True to form Brooke says she wants to be a runner. Of course that is immidiately dismissed by her team as she is as useless and uncoordinated as they come. Then she throws a fit and crazy Denver Brooke finally begins to make an appearance. You just know shes going to get tossed in the Gauntlet if the Rookies lose...... which of course happens because the Vetrans have 16 players to the Rookies 13.

Since the Vetrans won the worst challange ever, they deliberated and sent Jillian into the Gauntlet while saving Tori, knowing that the Rookies would send in Brooke to face Jillian. Cue more Ev and Brooke nonsense. In the Gauntlet, the two girls have to fight over 5 footballs and bring them back to the start. The girl with the most points wins. Watching Brooke do this Gauntlet was pretty pathetic, and Jillian even let her have one point. After Brooke was eliminated her and Ev exchanged crying "I love yous". That was followed by confessional tapes of Ev saying "Brooke was the best thing that ever happend to me" and Brooke saying "Ev just loved me for who I am, which makes me think I can get that from a man". I don't even know what to say but thank god this crazy chick is gone. But how hilarious was Ev freaking out about Brooke being sent home. Nothing says losing a lesbian lover like doing some pushups.

After some stock footage of Derek tossing around cups and liquor like hes Tom Cruise in Cocktail, (BTW how many times have they shown that exact shot over the last three episodes??? Three? Four?). Yeah we get it, hes a bartender. There was also some footage of Johnny and Casey running around naked. Hmmmm..... male Gauntlet day, I wonder if Johnny gets sent in??? This next challange is to run through a maze while blindfolded, with one team member guiding from atop a perch in the middle of the maze. This was exactly what I was talking about earlier; in an attempt to even up the scores since the Vetrans have 4 more people at this point, rather than having the Rookies send 4 people through twice, they merely have to just get their 11 people through before the Vetrans get their 15 across.

Obviously the Rookies won, which sent the Vetrans into a spin. The Rookies saved Adam, and sent in Evan. CT claims that Evan wanted Johnny in because he is no threat to Evan in the Gauntlet. Johnny gets pissed then finds out that Evan never really came out and said he wanted Johnny and now CT and Johnny basically yell at each other for awhile. For the Gauntlet, Evan and Johnny have to do a puzzle that was basically a 3rd grade homework assignment. Evan wins, Johnny goes home and now the score is 4-1 Vetrans. However, the Rookies have also gotten rid of there 4 weakest players and will probably pick up another strong male as Tyrie left the show do to a family issue. The question is who is going to replace Tyrie? Since to be on the Rookie squad you could have only participated no more than once in the RW/RR challange, it leaves the possible pool small. My guess is that its a certain ex-college football player from the Philadelphia Real World season who appeared on the Gauntlet II and goes by the name MJ. Who knows though, send some comments with possible guesses.

The Gauntlet III: Wednesday 9 p.m. on MTV


Anonymous said...

Nice work on the post.

To be honest, I have fallen off the Real World bandwagon in Australia. I watched a couple episodes, but the DVR was filling up fast and MTV can't get their programming right so when I select JUST new episodes, it still records old episodes for some reason. Anyways, I don't know all the people from the newest RW, but maybe one of them can come in and be an actual Rookie. If I remember right from the early Australia episodes, the chicks were crazy and bitched a lot and the guys seemed to all get along and pretty down to earth.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Too bad vertically challenged Derrick won't be back...I always rooted for that underdog.

Final comment...I wish MTV had an uncensored channel. Casey running around naked = AMAZING!

Chris said...

Okay, to give you the benefit of the doubt, I read this post. And... I still don't care. I honestly had no idea that MTV still did these dumb, pathetic shows. Thanks for this pointless ride back to high school when people actually cared about Real World and Road Rules. Bear, let me know when you get your license, and maybe I will take you seriously.

Sorry Bucky Channel, but this is STRIKE 2!

Winks said...

That's a lot of complaining for something you chose to read.

Anonymous said...

Noted Chris. My temps are up in June but I turn 16 in a week, so keep your fingers crossed that I pass. Anything else you would like me to keep you updated on?

Anonymous said...

Winks change the name to The Chris Channel... we gotta start tailoring our content to our only reader before we get strike 3.

Chris said...

If you tailored your content to just me, then where would I get my Milwaukee Bucks news, cause otherwise I don't care? This is the only place that I actually read about the Bucks. (I think that was just a complement)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am a fan of the Gauntlet 3 reviews. Keep bringing them can't tell me you wouldn't love to have a job where you spend 3 months a year in some exotic tropical location with all expenses paid (tons of booze and partying) and have a chance at winning hundreds of thousands of dollars (and extra prizes on the side). When you do go back to regular life you spend your time in bars in Madison having people buy drinks for you and slutty college chicks all over you.....I think I am going to right now to sign up for the next Real World.

Anonymous said...

ON A SIDE NOTE...where are the A.I. reviews? One of the biggest shows in TV history and only one "video" blog of it? Does the Bucky Channel need another helper to post content? I will definitely be watching Idol as long as Leo is there...and probably longer once I fall head over heals in love with a hot blonde bimbo like I do every year.

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the M.J. prediction. He looks a little beefier than before and I think he is pretty much untouchable by any of the rookies. Keep the Gauntlet reviews coming Fred...I love MTV / This Show.

Tony Brown said...

"Nothing says losing a lesbian lover like doing some pushups"
This is my new gchat status and I believe it will remain so for at least a week.

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