Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Win, Lose, and Draw

Mixed outcomes among the many teams we cover tonight. We'll start with the good news first. The Badgers have another impressive Big Ten win beating the Iowa Hawkeyes on the road 60-54. Marcus Landry had 16, Brian Butch with 12. The Badgers will now host a big game against Purdue Saturday night.

The bad news is the Bucks lost, once again. They held with the Mavericks for 3/4 of the game, until Dirk Nowitski and his triple-double lead the Mavs to a 107-96 victory. The Bucks only went eight deep tonight, once again led by Mo Williams and his 36 points. Bogut continues his hot streak with 24 points and 14 points. The Bucks are getting way too much coverage from me right now.

And now for the draw, which many of you didn't care about, and let me hear about it, was the U.S. / Mexico soccer game. Got to watch most of it at a bar (believe it or not), as they played to a 2-2 draw. And as for the Pedro Gomez picture at the top left of your post, he was a sideline reporter for ESPN2 soccer! Gotta keep him busy somehow since Barry Bonds is no longer with the Giants.


Anonymous said...

if you ever watched the bucks youd know that they hung with the mavs for 98/100ths of the game. it wasnt over until under two minutes left and the final score is way misleading. watch the bucks!

Anonymous said...

Don't question my bucks fanhood! I'm trying my best to fill the void left by

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