Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Your Wednesday Pro Bowl Update

Seriously, does nothing go on in Hawaii? Where is all my Pro Bowl news? Maybe next year, I'll take a trip out to the Islands so I don't have to rely on the world wide web to satisfy my Pro Bowl appetite. You think maybe would add something, considering they've sent four guys and their entire coaching staff.

If you have can't get enough of the Pro Bowl either, you could always buy some of the fine merchandise available in honor of the big game. A helmet with the Pro Bowl logo is selling for the low, low, price of $250! This Sean Taylor jersey will probably be the game's biggest seller, although I hope they are sending the money to either his family or a charity rather than profiting off the jersey of a dead man. Chris Cooley, Chris Samuels, and Ethan Albright will all be honoring Taylor by wearing number 21.

(And in case you were looking for a Pro Bowl live blog, come back this Sunday at 3:30!!!)


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