Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rockets at Bucks Live Blog! (2nd Quarter)

8:05 - New quarter, new thread. See, I listen to my reader(s).

8:07 - Craig says Novak is devastated. I would be too. How can teams make that error???

8:08 - Any Rockets fans out there? Is the Houston broadcast playing up the Chinese New Year angle as extreme as the Bucks are?

8:09 - Chris says, "This is much better. I still don't understand why I keep refreshing your blog, I HATE NBA basketball."

8:10 - That, and the fact Chris lives one building away from me. If you like this Chris, come back next Sunday for my Pro Bowl blog!

8:11 - Bucks up 27-24, playing well. Rockets fans don't seem to like Alston.

8:12 - There is an ad at the top of my site for Packers Zubaz. When did they come back?

8:13 - TV Timeout.

8:14 - Scott Williams holds up another Chinese sign.

8:15 - If the Bucks don't make the playoffs this year, Coach K is gone. And Redd gets traded. Unless both of those happen before the trading deadline.

8:19 - McGlocklin ripping on Barkley for no reason.

8:19 - Think I just heard a bad word. Rockets up 1 with 6 to go in the 1st half.

8:22 - Not hearing from many readers. Come on, its 8:30 on a Saturday night, what else could people be doing?

8:23 - Kwame Brown would have made that shot.

8:24 - Maybe the Bucks need to play more games in La Crosse. They are 1-0 there this year.

8:26 - Yi gets stuffed. Crowd was ready to go nuts.

8:38 - Finally, I'm back. Computer / Internet were going crazy. Might have to hold off on the Yi jersey and get a new computer.

8:38 - Yi dinged up Yao a bit earlier.

8:39 - Low scoring affair at the half, 42-37 Rockets. Yi 6 points, Yao 3.

8:40 - McGrady leads with 11 for the Rockets. Bogut still with 10.

8:40 - Onto a new thread.


Chris said...

This is much better. I still don't understand why I keep refreshing your blog, I HATE NBA basketball.

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