Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rockets at Bucks - Live Blog

7:23 -The site is back up and running. and while we've been frantically trying to fix our problems, we've also taken in a little bit of FSN Wisconsin's Bucks Live pregame show. They're really selling the Chinese angle, which they should, but introducing segments with a cardboard sign that had Chinese writing on it (words like energy, home court) is a little cheesy. Oh, Scott Williams just held up a sign that said "Bucks Win". Great.

7:27 - Craig Coshun tells us it's the Year of the Rat. Craig was born in the Year of the Dragon, Scott in the Year of the Monkey.

7:29 - My prediction: Bucks lose by 3.

7:35 - Also a homecoming of sorts for two Houston Rockets. Carl Landry is from Milwaukee Vincent, Steve Novak returns from Marquette.

7:35 - 200 Million Expected to watch tonight. 90 Million expected to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow.

7:36 - Man, I've really bought into the hype.

7:38 - Oh yeah, I should mention Marquette won today.

7:39 - I thought about putting the newest updates at the top of the blog, instead of in chronological order, but I think this works better. Maybe not for Andy, who doesn't like to scroll.
7:40 - Also, Desmond Mason returns tonight. Redd is still out.

7:41 - Don't look for Steve Novak tonight. Someone put Mike James on the active roster twice, leaving him off. Welcome to the pros.

7:42 - Tip-off.

7:44 - Yi misses. Yao scores.

7:46 - Yi 4, Yao 2. Bucks 4, Rockets 2.

7:46 - If you want to leave comments, I'll post some on the live blog.

7:47 - Houston a little sloppy so far.

7:47 - Bogut playing soft.

7:53 - Commercial break. Bucks up 10-7

7:55 - I've already decided my next major purchase is a Yi Jianlian jersey.

7:55 - Landry with a deuce. He had 26 the other night. Too bad he didn't have a tryout with the Bucks first. Oh wait..... he did.

7:56 - When I said Bogut playing soft, I meant on D! He's got the Bucks last eight.

7:57 - DMase returns.

7:58 - Battier 3. He's an underrated player, both in real life and fantasy. Seriously, you should trade for him.

8:00 - TMac owns the Bucks. Deep 3 for him. Houston up 3.

8:02 - Nice block for Bogut. Why did I say he was soft again? Those goes my credibility.

8:03 - Chris says, "you should really put the most recent updates at the top, this way is foolish."

8:04 - Because of Chris's suggestion, I'll make a new thread for each quarter.

8:05 - Rockets 21, Bucks 20 after one. Bogut with 10 pts.


Chris said...

you should really put the most recent updates at the top, this way is foolish.

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