Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hey Look, Travis Diener!

I'm sick of writing Bucks recaps when they lose. Yeah yeah, Bucks lose 128-106. Yeah yeah, Redd did all the scoring and the bench didn't do anything of note. Let's forego the recap, and talk about Diener's game!

The Fondy native (quit reading now if you hate my Fondy posts) had 15 points tonight including a huge three in the third quarter after the Bucks got within six. He's come a long way from his days blogging for the Orlando Magic (although he is blogging now for the Pacers!) Moving to Indy looks to have been a good move for "Trav". In the last five games he's averaged 32 minutes, 9.8 points, and 5.6 assists. Teammate Mike Dunleavy had a good game as well, with 36 points.

As for your loveable Bucks, another pathetic outing on the road. Can you believe this team only has six road wins this year? I was talking to a buddy who is a Timberwolves fan, and he said that no matter how bad they are, you can at least see the T'Wolves growing up and improving. Sadly, I don't think the same can be said about the Bucks. Granted, they have played some exciting ball when the Bradley Center gets behind them, but other than that it looks like they are ready for their summer vacation.


Anonymous said...

i hate fondy im never reading your blog again because you have a hometown. (even though ill still read your blog but just not post anymore and pretend like im not reading it).

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