Monday, March 3, 2008

UW, MU, Steady in the Polls

It's the weekly Monday posting about where the Badgers and Golden Eagles have landed in the latest edition of the college basketball polls. Let's first start with the Badgers, because I like them more, and they are better (except for when they lost to Marquette in December).

In the AP, the Badgers remain in the ten spot. Other Big Ten teams include Purdue (15th), Michigan State (17th), and Indiana (18th). In the USA Today / ESPN poll, they went up one spot to number 8. The other Big Ten teams are the same in this poll as they are in the AP, except Michigan State and Indiana are switched.

For Marquette, their loss to Georgetown didn't seem to hurt them in the rankings. Who knows how many spots they could have climbed had they pulled out a win, like they should have. In the AP, Marquette stays steady at 21. They actually move up one spot to 20 in the ESPN / USA Today poll.

North Carolina is now the new number one in both polls.


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