Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gus Johnson Can't Help Marquette

I'm telling you, there was no better way to welcome in the start of March than by listening to a game called by The Legendary Gus Johnson. "March! Is here!" Gus even yelled at one point in the game.

It looked like Marquette was going to pull off the upset for much of this one, until Georgetown's Jonathan Wallace was able to convert all three free throws after being fouled with 2.8 seconds left. The game was then tied at 63, and they were headed to overtime. Wallace continued to lead the Hoyas in the extra session, and Georgetown knocked off Marquette 70-68.

The Bradley Center was once again rocking, but couldn't get a win from the hometown team. Marquette showed they that they can compete with the big boys come tournament, and they have become a pretty exciting team this season. We also learned today that Tom Crean drinks Diet Pepsi during games, and that The Legendary Gus Johnson is a big Dwight Burke fan.


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