Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Crew Quiets Wrigley

Often times the question comes up, "Would you rather be deaf or blind?" It's a tough question, and one some people are forced to live out. As much as I love listening to music and the sweet sounds of a summer day, I always choose that I would rather be deaf. Without out my sight, I wouldn't have the priviledge of seeing one of the most beautiful scenes in all of the world, Wrigley Field. Actually, let's make that Wrigley Field being cleared out in the 8th inning because the visiting Brewers are dominating the Cubs.

That may have been a long-winded way to get my point across, but I feel it worked. As a Brewers fan, you can't complain about following up an extra inning victory against your rival with a dominating offensive performance in your next game. The Brewers did just that today as they took care of the Cubbies by a score of 8-2.

The Brewers wasted no time getting on the board today after Rickie Weeks went yard on the game's very first pitch. The Brewers would add runs in five of the next eight innings and start 2-0 for the fifth straight year.

Even though I was at work today I got to watch enough of the game to go home satisfied. After the Brewers jumped off to a 3-0 lead I was feeling pretty confident they would come away with the victory, even though we saw them blow a similar lead just the other day. At my work, I have a TV close to my desk, and everytime I ventured back to my desk it seemed like the Brewers had been able to tack another run on the board. I prefer when the Brewers play at night so I'm able to watch the whole nine innings, but if they are going to play while I'm working, outputs like this one make the work day much more enjoyable. I'm sure the same goes for you, as well.

No surprises in the lineup for the Brewers today. Kendall batted ninth again after the pitcher, and I have to admit, so far, that decision hasn't hurt us yet. As well as Tony Gwynn Jr. played the other, Gabe Kapler got the start in center, as Ned has previously said that will be some sort of platoon until Cameron is back. You can't complain with Kapler so far, especially after spending last season as a manager in single A ball.

In that ninth spot, Jason Kendall was able to get three hits against his former team and improve his batting average to .500 (I know, it's early). Ryan Braun also added three hits. In fact, every man on the box score that wasn't a pitcher earned himself a hit today. Those days are always nice.

On the mound, Suppan pitched much better than he had been in the Spring. His only two runs allowed were solo shots to Geovanny Soto and Derrick Lee, as he went 6 1/3 giving up 6 hits and striking out two. Solomon Torres finished the 7th for him, and then David Riske came in for the 8th and stayed in for the 9th. So far, no holdover from the Brewers bullpen last year (Shouse, McClung, Turnbow) has seen action here in '08.

It's easy at this point in the season to be excited about 2-0, especially because the season is so fresh. I'd like to delay the first loss of the year as long as possible, because that is always the hardest to take. This early in the season, you forget that everyteam is going to lose at least 60 games, most likely 70, 75 games. But when the final standings are set, each game is just as important as every other game. That being said, it's nice to once again start the season 2-0, especially against the team we're expected to compete with throughout the season.

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TBC's Player of the Game: Jason Kendall (1)


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