Thursday, April 3, 2008

Packers Release Pre-Season Opponents

In what we think is the only legitimate Packers news today, the team has released their pre-season opponents for the 2008 season. We say legitmate news, because there are reports out there that Favre is mulling a comeback. Seriously? Are we the only ones who saw his press conference a few weeks ago. Favre is done. He's not coming back. To think he would be is crazy. Surprisingly, agrees with us on this one, saying that submitting your retirement papers isn't that big of deal, and that this may just be a scheme by agent Bus Cook to get his hands on more money.

Anyway, here are the pre-season opponents:

Mon, Aug 11 - Cincinnati Bengals 7pm (ESPN)

Week 2 - @ San Francisco 49ers

Week 3 - @ Denver Broncos

Week 4 - Tennessee Titans


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