Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crean Likely Headed to Indiana

First off, as much of a thrill as cutting down the nets must be, we're not sure you want to do it with arm supporting your balance on a ladder, while the other arm is holding a pair of scissors and small child. But that's just us.

However, it appears that if Tom Crean is cutting down the nets anytime soon, it will be as head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, according to ESPN.com. In nine seasons at Marquette, Crean has a 190-96 record. He's led the Golden Eagles to the NCAA Tournament five times, including a Final Four in 2003.

Even though I'm a Badger guy, it's hard not to follow Marquette as they also claim residency in Wisconsin. I've liked Crean and thought he's done a great job with Marquette, although lately I've been hearing that not everyone at the University is happy with the guy. Nine years is a long time at any program, and it's natural after that amount of time Crean looks to climb up the ladder of the coaching ranks (pun intended).

I've always had a problem when coaches bolt the programs they are at. I understand you're not going to stay at one school forever (in most cases), but I always feel it's unfair to your recruits. There are some freshman and sophomores, and incoming freshman next year, that may have based their decision to go to Marquette solely on Crean. Now what do they do? I always thought that process was a little unfair, but can't think of a way to ever change it. Kids just have to always know that's a possibility, no matter what their coach says.

It's a good move for Crean if he ends up going, although I'm not sure where Marquette will look next for a new coach. I'm not sure what they have for assistants, maybe they look to a lower mid-major, or even D2 or D3. I'm going to base this off nothing and say Mike Leaf from Winona State would be a good choice. Again, I have absolutely nothing to base this on, I just really like Mike Leaf.

For IU, it's about as good of a hire as they could have made. When they announced last week they'd nail down a coach before the Final Four, I wasn't quite sure of who it would be. I never expected it to be Tom Crean.


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tony bennett?

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rick majerus?

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tony majerus?

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rick bennett?

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buzz williams?

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