Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dealing With an Off Day

Once the MLB season gets underway, days like this are sure to become few and far between. But after the taste we as Brewers fans had yesterday, to wake up today without a game to follow was a little disappointing.

Hey, we get why it's done. Players need a day off. Teams need days to travel. And there need to be days available for make up games (especially so early in the season). If yesterday's Brewers / Cubs game would have been rained out, we'd currently be watching the two square off on a beautiful Chicago day. So, we understand the need for them. It's just hard to get through a summer day without your team to root for.

However, there is always some baseball to be played. Except for the day before and after the All-Star game, there will be a baseball game played everyday until late in the Playoffs. And in the world of fantasy sports, it's enough to quench our thirsts. But as someone who normally works during the day, let me introduce you to the two worst days of the week, Monday and Friday. Monday's not a surprise for obvious reasons, but everyone loves a Friday, right? It's just that on those two days, there are hardly ever any day games to be played. Let me tell you from experience, working an eight hour day is a lot easier when you have a box score and some fantasy stats to continually check.

I guess what I'm saying is that after how great Monday and Opening Day was, I'm already dying for some more baseball. That, and I have little else to write about today!

Enjoy your Tuesday.


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